• Confectionery Packaging

    Increase sales with confectionery packaging that enhances the consumer experience with a luxurious feel. Our cartons create a point of difference with premium quality.

Creating The Future in Packaging

Our design studio creates pioneering constructional designs that give confectionery brands a point of difference in a competitive marketplace. Foil blocking, striking varnish effects and luxurious finishes help arouse the senses before the box has been opened.

Combining these packaging processes with over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, our aim is to make your confectionery packaging demand the consumer’s attention.

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Case study: Willie's Chocolate Black Pearls

A concorra opening and detailed varnish effect creates a dramatic ‘theatre’ when the consumer opens the box.

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Case study: Copperpot Petal Carton

Chocolate box packaging with the perfect combination of nostalgia and contemporary design. Spot UV, intricate cyrel patterning and petal closure strengthened the clients’ brand.

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