Willie’s Chocolate – Black Pearls Truffle Packs

Graphic Packaging International made the packaging for Willie’s Chocolate as enjoyable as the treats inside with dramatic construction effects.

Technical Specifications

PressHeidelberg XL105
No. of colors usedFront: 5 Reverse: 1
Type of boardIncada Excel
InksFront: 5 Colors, Including 2 specials, Reverse: 1 Special, Front: 5 Colors, Including 2 Specials, Reverse: 1 Special
VarnishesMatt emulsion and Spot UV Gloss
Special techniques / production constraintsGold Foil Blocking, concorra opening.

The brief

Willie’s Chocolate Black Pearls gift range is about the overall experience of the product: the packaging plays a major role. The client wanted to build a ritual around the opening of the box; a gradual sense of peeling back the layers to reveal the golden foil-wrapped truffles inside.

The product

Graphic Packaging International created a one-piece, erectable card cube, opening via the lid for easy access. Intricate Cyrel pattern plate was used to achieve a detailed gloss effect and a varnish effect was added in single pass, using a twin coater press.

A teaser view of the golden wrapped sweets inside was added via use of aperture, and a concorra feature created a dramatic ‘theatre’ of opening the pack and revealing the product. Spot gluing created a double thickness lid for added constructional strength, and bright internal solid colour print looked dramatic against the dark brown exterior.

The extra mile

Our design brings a new style of pack offering to the premium chocolate market. The combination of print varnish effects, internal printing and foil blocking draws the consumers’ eye to the pack. The opening feature provides the delight of discovery as the consumer peels back the concorra opening, revealing the foiled jewel-like truffles within. The cube constructional design stands out on shelf.