• Food To Go Packaging

    When the consumer is thinking on their feet, it’s essential for packaging to convey quality ingredients, freshness and a great tasting product.

Creating the future in food to go packaging

Graphic Packaging International creates highly visual, user friendly designs using low migration inks, meeting the (EC) No. 1935/2004 regulation. A premium feel is created by using quality materials and finishes, and brand integrity maintained with the Graphic Packaging International Colour Management System.

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Case study: Delilicious™

Delilicious™ is a striking selection of food to go packaging, ranging from traditional sandwich packaging, to alternative picnic sharing solutions. The highly visual and friendly designs, help make products stand out in this highly competitive marketplace.

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Case Study: Morrisons ‘Food To Go’ Wraps

Graphic Packaging International created a strong, safe deli-style packaging with an aesthetic that alluded to al fresco eating. NewV pack MGA low-migration inks from Stehlin Hostag and Kraft board were used.

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