Morrisons Food To Go Wraps

Close consultation with the client helped Graphic Packaging International manufacture a sleeve with mouth-watering aesthetics.

Technical Specification

Name of products:Morrisons ‘Food to Go’ Wraps: Aromatic Duck, Chicken Caesar, Southern Fried Chicken
No. colours used:6
Type of board:Prado Kraftpak
Inks:CYMK, plus Pantone specials
Varnishes:G9/209 Water based emulsion
Block Foil:None

The brief

The customer was looking for alternative cardboard packaging ideas for the Morrisons wraps range. As part of the development they wanted to carry out market research to understand preferences in design format and make sure cardboard was the preferred choice. Graphic Packaging International was asked to look at alternative wrap packaging concepts, firstly through sketch concepts and then CAD mock ups. It was important to keep commercial constraints in mind and optimise sheet usage. The food product would come into direct contact with the printed packaging so materials and finishes used were given due consideration.

What we did

Graphic Packaging International presented the client’s NPD team with A3 research boards. These focussed on existing wrap packaging, deli style packaging and outdoor eating, and formed part of the supporting development presentation created by the design team. The client chose a wallet-style design with a net, which lends itself to good sheet utilisation. Kraft board was selected for its strength, barrier properties, and aesthetic appeal. Low Migration (LM) inks and a water based emulsion varnish were used for food packaging safety requirements.

The product

Graphic Packaging International uses the NewV pack MGA low-migration inks from Stehlin Hostag Ink UK across its presses to meet current and future food packaging legislation. This is a proprietary low-migration, UV curing sheet-fed offset ink for the production of food packaging, even when the UV lamps are not at full intensity. The ink has been specifically designed for food packaging, taking into account relevant requirements such as the Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the Swiss ordinance for consumer goods (SR 817.023.21) and used in conjunction with the printers’ own GMP. LM inks were used to minimise the risk of the food product being tainted.

The extra mile

Graphic Packaging International provided a cost effective, food safe packaging product that optimised board usage whilst providing the retailer with a highly visual and user friendly packaging solution. Graphic Packaging International printed all three products in the wraps range using its Colour Management System, ensuring colour consistency was maintained across the brand.