Graphic Packaging International created a breakthrough in sustainable tray packaging that provides even heating. This premium packaging can be printed both on the inside and outside, giving brands more options.

Technical Specifications

StructureVirgin board with PE, PP or PET film
Heat SealableCompatible Films @ 125cpm
Dual OvenableYes
Regulatory ComplianceFDA, CFIA and EU compliant for cooking frozen and chilled foods in microwave and conventional ovens
Printing Possibilities6 colour one side, 2 reverse using perfecting press and lamination technologies

The brief

Graphic Packaging International wanted to create a packaging solution that was not only sustainable, but also provided even heating to any food product.

What we did

The team at Graphic Packaging International combined paperboard and plastic to provide exceptional barrier protection with unsurpassed microwave performance.

The product

DesignerWare™ can be printed with high-impact graphics both inside and outside of the pack, giving a premium feel. It is available in many sizes, and is more rigid than comparable plastic trays. The pack uses 50-80% less plastic than traditional trays for improved sustainability.

The extra mile

DesignerWare™ provides multi-functional cooking solutions, from even product heating to browning and crisping, as well as steaming. Depending on the application there are multiple solutions for the sidewall design and lidding. It is ideal for the chilled and frozen meal solutions sectors as well as food to go and food service applications.