• Protein Packaging

    Graphic Packaging specialise in fresh meat packaging as well as packaging for poultry, eggs, fresh fish and cured & processed meats.

    We help generate repeat purchases and make your packaging stand out on the shelf.

    How? By adding packaging features consumers like – visually appealing retail packaging, easy open and reseal innovations and convenient portion control packs.

Creating the Future in Protein Packaging

Graphic Packaging International's approach to fresh meat, fish, poultry and egg packaging ensure that that your product is accessible and visible in a competitive marketplace.

From supermarkets to startups, Graphic Packaging International’s 95 year-long history in the fresh fish & fresh meat packaging industry means we understand where your brand could use our expertise.

The winning combination of our innovative protein packaging, high-end finishes, sustainable materials and over 20 years of packaging experience allows us to meet your poultry, eggs or fresh fish packaging needs with creative efficiency.

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