The Delilicious™ collection consists of a range of striking new pieces of Food to Go packaging. Products range from the traditional sandwich and wrap packs to the more futuristic product concepts of picnic sharing and ambient snack packs.

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The Verso™ range provides a huge marketing potential with eye catching print and varnish effects. Graphic Packaging International’s one-stop design and production service will revolutionise how you present your products to your customers.

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Panoramic 360™

The Panoramic 360™ range is the UK’s first Esatec DigiStar with Trio-Fold. The highly visual carton solution allows the contents of the packaging to be viewed from any angle enabling the product to sell itself, making it ideal for high end food and spirits.

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The DesignerWare® range is a breakthrough in sustainable tray packaging. Ideal for chilled or frozen products, the pack uses 50-80% less plastic than traditional trays making them a stand out sustainable product.

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The FruitPack® range of innovative cartons are ideal for the fruit and vegetable marketplace. ŸThe shelf-ready packaging provides good product visibility for fruits and vegetables and easy product recognition.

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Cooking Solutions

Our proprietary microwave technology is the worldwide leader in enhanced microwave packaging. Graphic Packaging International has succeeded in focusing microwave energy exactly where it is needed to deliver consistent heating, steaming, browning and crisping of food.

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