Graphic Packaging International has a rich and dynamic history in Europe. We are a leading producer of folding cartons, microwave packaging, and we supply packaging systems and machinery to the world’s leading brands.

With headquarters in Brussels and operating from eleven converting sites and strategic offices across Europe, we are a market leader in beverage, convenience food, and consumer packaging.

Our integrated approach means we can bring to local and European customers our leading Global capabilities, expertise and networks that provide consumer insight-based and market-driven innovative packaging solutions.

Pac Rim

Established in 1991, Graphic Packaging International Japan serves the Asia and Pacific regions. Through our Rengo Riverwood Joint Venture and strategic licensee partners, we have developed a strong presence in the beverage market. GPI provides packaging solutions for multipacks, soda, beer and specialty dairy packaging using our SUS® paperboard and machinery.

Here are some of the latest developments:

  • New multipack success in South Korea
  • Microwave packaging for food applications using Microrite® technologies
  • GPI branded paperboard and patented packaging machinery

Australia & New Zealand

Our business services a wide range of customers including consumer products, pharmaceutical and beverage. We provide multi-packs to soft drink, beer, and the ready-to-drink (RTD) markets using GPI AquaKote® board for its strength and durability in wet environments. It has all the right properties to hold heavy products like beverage cans and glass bottles.

GPI packaging machinery enables our customers to package products efficiently at a wide range of line speeds. We offer a number of decoration enhancements to allow brands to differentiate their products and communicate a premium position. A few of these enhancements include foil stamping, embossing and decorative inks.


Latin America

Graphic Packaging International has been present in the Latin American market since 1994.

We have converting facilities located in Mexico and Brazil. Through those facilities, along with our strategic licensee partners across all Central and South America, we serve the market with packaging solutions for food and beverage products.

Throughout our network, we use GPI recycled board and SUS® board, the latter being the best for beverage multipacks and heavier products exposed to wet environments. GPI packaging machinery systems are also available to support our customers bringing their packaged products into the marketplace.

Our integrated approach has allowed us to successfully introduce a range of innovative solutions :

  • Premium beverage multipacks, using metalized board and embossing effects
  • Paperboard packaging solutions for frozen foods
  • Inside printing of unique random codes used for promotional activity

North America

We are a leader in the North American market for paperboard and folding cartons that serve food, beverage, household products and industrial products. We have a network of 7 paperboard mills and more than 30 converting plants to serve our carton customers. Our large geographic footprint allows us to cover a wide range of locations with a plant near you. We are proactive in our innovation approach and have the ability to collaborate with you in one of our innovation centers. In North America, we have machinery experts and systems that enable new line installations and modifications to existing lines to support new product launches.