Graphic Packaging International Champions Sustainability With MEP Visit

Leading folding carton producer, Graphic Packaging International (“GPI”), has welcomed Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Amjad Bashir to its Leeds facility to demonstrate the significance of cartonboard in reducing the environmental impact of packaging.

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This follows discussions around the ongoing debate in Brussels about plastics, where strategies for accelerating sustainable packaging solutions are a key priority. He toured the site to learn more about how the industry is helping to drive a circular economy and deliver stand-out protective, preservative and presentation benefits via constant innovation.

Dean Naylor, GPI Plant Manager, Leeds, said: “Mr Bashir’s visit was a valuable opportunity to highlight the importance of our sector to a parliamentary representative and encourage advocacy. It is vital for luminaries such as GPI to champion our contribution to closed-loop recycling and to provide education about the need for greater legislative support.

“As an industry, we are often unable to scale up commercialisation of our eco-friendly product developments without capital investment. While the government has proposed plans for funding advancements in plastics, there is an absence of fiscal support for progressing suitable, green alternatives, so it is crucial for us to explore these issues with our MEPs.”

Mr Bashir was extremely impressed with the company’s level of investment in technology and commitment to supporting young talent, combining environmental commitment with future-proofing UK manufacturing. GPI was pleased to welcome such a receptive figure and share its pioneering capabilities and philosophies.

The visit was arranged as a joint venture between GPI and Pro Carton, the European association of carton and cartonboard producers, to promote education about sustainability. Tony Hitchin, Pro Carton General Manager, added: “The key to ensuring a viable packaging future is to secure investment in recycling infrastructure and change consumer behaviours. This can only be achieved with parliamentary backing and Mr Bashir’s interest is certainly a step in the right direction.”

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