Glossary Of Terms

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Blanket - In offset litho printing, a rubber surfaced fabric that is clamped around a cylinder on a litho press, to which the image is transferred from the plate and from which it is transferred to the board.
Bleed - Printing where the colour continues right up to the edge of the board.
Board Grain Direction - The orientation of the fibres in the structure of the carton board. The direction of the grain usually runs opposite to the major creases on the carton and can be determined by checking the resistance of the board by bending it. The direction that gives the least resistance is the direction the grain is running.
BPIF - British Printing Industries Federation. A UK trade association representing the interest of the carton sector to governments and associated agencies, and pro-actively communicating carton board's unique commercial and environmental advantages to a wide audience.
BPIF ISO12647-2 - A colour management standard implemented by the British Printing Industries Federation.
Braille - Braille is a scripture that can be read by blind people with their fingers. It is a common reading and writing system for blind and partially sighted persons. It is not a language. It is just another way of writing and reading text.
Braille cell - consists of six dots, positioned like the figure“six” on a dice, in two parallel vertical lines of three dots each.