Glossary Of Terms

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CAD (Computer Aided Design) - The use of a computer system to assist in the design process of product packaging.
Caliper - the thickness of a sheet of board, measured in microns.
Cardboard Carton - A prefabricated carton board container used for the packaging of a variety of products including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and many more.
CMYK - Letters which stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K). K is used for black to eliminate confusion with blue. Full colour printed images are made up of these component colours.
Coater - Part of a litho printing press which applies coatings to printed board.
Coating - A special water based coating which is applied to printed matter to protect literature from ink smudging or finger marking or to enhance appearance. The main types are sealer, gloss, matt and silk.
Colour Management System - A system put in place to ensure that colours consistently remain the same regardless of the devices or medium used to apply or display the colours. This is essential for colour management across packaging ranges.
Colour separation - Process by which an image is separated into the component colours for multi colour print production.
Composite Sheet - There are two types of composite sheet the most common is where two or more products from one customers range are printed on the same sheet. This can provide good cost savings, but has to be carefully managed to prevent mixed product. The second type is where two or more components of a job (for example a lid and a base) are both produced on the same sheet.
Concorra - The Concorra Process is a technique that is used in the cut and crease process to create a superior visual effect to perforation and create an easy-open feature. Partial cuts are offset on either side of the carton to form an easy open tear strip. It provides cleaner tear than perforations.
Corner Radius - radius dimension of the corners of the label. The normal radius used is 1.5mm / 2mm.
Creasing Process - A process using a die creates creases in the packaging material so that it can fold with ease and without creating any cracking or splitting of the sheet.
Cut and Crease - A process using a die form that includes cutting the printed materials into the desired shape, as well as creasing them to provide accurate fold lines.
Cyrel - A raised image polymer plate. It provides a positive image. Used for pattern varnishes in either UV or Water- based varnishes.