Glossary Of Terms

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Glassine - this is the most commonly used Liner for both paper and filmic face materials.
Grain of the board - Machine manufactured board is made up of many fibres, which in general, tend to line up in one direction due to the nature of the process. This produces a preferred direction or grain along which it is easier to fold, bend or tear the board.
Grease Resistant Packaging - Packaging that has a special coating or finish applied to it to repel grease, oil and wax.
Gripper allowance - The margin of paper along the gripper edge of the sheet which is held by the gripper and cannot be printed.
Gripper bar - A device on a printing or cutting machine for holding and transferring the sheet during the printing or finishing process.
Gsm - Grammes per square metre. Standard measure of board weight.
Gutter - The inside margins or gap between items (in commercial print the gap between facing pages) is the gutter. The gutter space is that extra space allowance use to accommodate the printers marks that are not part of the job.