Glossary Of Terms

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Satin Emulsion - A water based product that creates a soft sheen finish that works well with dark colours and other metallic finishes.
Skillet - "A generic term for a carton board box with glued or tablocked ends. A skillet carton should be dimensioned in the order: ""Length of hinge of opening panel"" x ""Length of 2nd dimension of opening"" x ""distance between openings""."
Sleeves - A printed cardboard sleeve that will slide over plastic trays and pots to provide brand and product information. e.g. sleeves over microwave ready meals.
Soft Touch Finish - A water based product that achieves a very flat matte finish that is literally soft to touch.
Solid Bleached Board - A medium density virgin fibre grade of paperboard made purely from bleached chemical pulp.
Solid Bleached Sulphate - See Solid Bleached board
Special colour - A colour which cannot be made up of the four component colours – CMYK. They are listed in a pantone colour swatch book or can be a special mix to match an “original” colour sample. For example, if a corporate logo contains a special blue & is included in a brochure with photographs and text; this is termed a five colour job. (CMYK (pictures+text) + special blue = 5 colours)
Spot colour - Same as special colour.
Stripper Unit - Part of the cut and crease process, a stripper unit helps remove the waste board left after the die board has punched the design through the board sheet. There are two parts to a stripper board (upper and lower)
Substrates - In printing, the substrate is a term used to describe the base material onto which the designs will be printed.