Production Capabilities

Graphic Packaging International produces cartonboard packaging for the food and beverage markets for a wide range of customers, including the UK's leading supermarket chains.

Group Facilities

With three production sites across the UK and 11 production sites across Europe, Graphic Packaging International is one of the largest independent folding carton producers in the country. With group production facilities including 12 high-quality sheet-fed litho printing presses, Graphic Packaging International is able to cope with a huge volume of packaging production - Bardon alone produces in excess of 20,000,000 cartons every single week.

  • UK's first multi-purpose, state-of-the-art packaging facility

    Our Bardon facility produces over 18 million cartons in a 6 day week.

  • Three purpose built sites across the UK

    Our food facilities can open 24/7 to meet urgent requirements and offer flexibility.

Carton Production

Graphic Packaging International's unparalleled carton printing capacity enables us to meet significant manufacturing demands in a short period of time.

Graphic Packaging International, a subsidiary of Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK), is one of the world’s largest producers of folding cartons, holding a leading market position in coated-unbleached kraft and coated-recycled board

Our food plants are equipped with twelve market-leading litho printing presses capable of handling substrates of up to B1 in format, and at speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour. Presses are equipped to print with UV inks and coatings.

Graphic Packaging International’s precision engineered presses are built by world leading manufacturers including Heidelberg and Komori, and can deliver up to six colour print and up to two coatings in one pass. Our presses are equipped to provide short make-ready times and maximum throughput and configured to produce in-line UV varnishing.

Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing control procedures means the performance of each press is monitored regularly - measuring the number of make-readies carried out, the number of sheets printed and average printing speeds. Regular maintenance is scheduled for each production unit to guarantee maximum productivity from each press.

Ink Laboratories

On-site ink laboratory equipment keeps ink matching and mixing up to the required quality and consistency. This means that ink used in geographically disparate sites can be matched on the press. We work with one ink supplier across the Group to guarantee consistency.

NewV pack MGA from Stehlin Hostag Ink UK

Graphic Packaging International can offer the use of proprietary low migration, UV curing sheet-fed offset ink for the production of food packaging, even when the UV lamps are not at full intensity. NewV pack MGA inks are designed for food packaging, taking into account relevant requirements like the Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the Swiss ordinance for consumer goods (SR 817.023.21) and in conjunction with the printers own GMP.

Special Properties

  • Low migration
  • Excellent results of organoleptic assessment of prints
  • Fast curing
  • High fount solution tolerance
  • Good ink/water balance
  • Hot foil stampable


NewV pack MGA is the first UV offset ink in the market with its low migration properties guaranteed. These inks are low migration: the ink film contains only substances that do not migrate or that are evaluated for food contact. The low migration property is maintained even when the UV lamps are not at full intensity.

Substrates & Printing Process

  • Coated, uncoated papers and boards
  • Conditionally for pre-treated PE,PP (corona or gas flame) or pre-primed material (tests necessary)
  • Top-coated boards (tests necessary)
  • UV sheet-fed offset
  • UV continuous forms
  • UV letterpress printing with inline Corona treatment

Post-Printing Equipment

State-of-the-art post printing machines enable swift turnaround for high order volumes and complex designs.

 Cut and crease / window patching / pick & place

Graphic Packaging International’s carton making technology is second to none in terms of potential volume and breadth of process capability. Our facilities are equipped with thirteen cut and crease presses manufactured by Bobst, with seven window patching units that can incorporate acetate viewing material into the printed pack. In addition, our specialist pick and place machine is available to create more sophisticated three sided windowed cartons.


Braille and embossing equipment is also present throughout the Group.


Some 12 gluing machines are available across the Group’s three production facilities allowing sites to produce a variety of styles including straight line, crash lock, four corner and six corner, as well as nested trays. Packing products include a sampler device so that samples can be removed from every outer. Machines are also equipped with full barcode and glue detection system linked to the gluers own ejection system. To aid speedy delivery the company uses automated case erectors to supply made up cases to the high-speed production units.

Carton Coding
Graphic Packaging International can print an inkjet code using a Domino Coding machine on the inside of the carton for giveaway promotions. The Domino Coding machine allows multiple checksum algorithms to be generated to prevent counterfeiting, fraudulent and duplicate claims. Printing directly onto product eliminates need for inserted game cards and the high speed ink jet can print variable numbers, text and graphics.

Additional Finishes

Foil blocking and lamination equipment are just some of the additional process products that are also available.

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