Supply Chain Management

Graphic Packaging International’s experienced account managers and customer service team manage and monitor your account to guarantee quick and correct turnaround of urgent requirements. You can make contact with us 24/7.

Fast deliveries that respect the environment

Graphic Packaging International continually invest in its fleet of vehicles, helping keep track of your order on the road and reducing carbon emissions across the supply chain.

Specialist Tools

Using vendor-managed inventory (VMI) Graphic Packaging International helps manage raw material supply and stock levels. We have a materials-requirement planning programme in place to ensure that orders are generated as packaging board is used, with minimum quantities held in stock. Our CAD and sales teams work with our customers on value engineering projects including profile rationalisation and sheet optimisation.

Online Stock Management

Graphic Packaging International’s eStorefront web-based software allows our customers to log in to our website and view information relating to current stock, orders and order history information. This makes it quick and easy to place delivery requests for stock and work in progress. Graphic Packaging International uses the software in conjunction with forecasts to order materials, helping to complete your project on time in full.


We are serious about reducing the impact of our deliveries on the environment. The fleet includes Euro 5 compliant vehicles which feature a double-deck design within the trailer section, allowing storage of up to 50 pallets, with Euro 6 vehicles being added soon - these meet the most stringent European emission standard to date. In addition to this investment, Graphic Packaging International is also looking at the potential for compressed natural gas conversion of the fleet to further reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%. All our delivery vehicles are satellite tracked for added peace of mind.

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